Book of Mormon Video Witness: Al Fox

I got baptized in 2009, and this is the happiest I have ever been. I know that every single person can be happy through the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I want to tell everyone that. I started a video blog on YouTube as another way to bare my testimony in a creative way to those I will not be able to meet. Everyone deserves that happiness. Everybody deserves those blessings. Everybody deserves the Gospel.


  1. Rebecca Taylor

    Thank you Al for this video! It is so inspiring! You are a wonderful example.

    • Rachel Fox Kipphut

      What an amazing video! A must see! I can feel AL Fox’s strong Spirit a thousand miles away!

      • Martin streames

        I got baptized in 2000 & it was the best day of my life & I got my Priesthood at 1pm in 2002 & at 5pm on the same day I baptized my wife what an honor that was your video AL has made me rethink about going back 2 church as where I live in a place called Telford in England it is very hard 2 get into church as there is no public transport on a Sunday & I will b taking part in the you tube Book Of Mormon challenge if u want 2 keep in touch I am on Facebook my name is johhny reb I only have one Mormon friend but would love more so that I can chat about church topics & most important The Book Of Mormon thank you very much


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